Welcome to the Twella FAQ page, where you can find answers to your questions about how our Chrome extension can help you take control of compulsive spending. You can learn about how Twella works, the support provided by our Personal AI Mentor, and the simple steps to get started. For detailed information on our practices, you can also access our terms of service and privacy policy directly from this page.

What is Twella?

Twella is a Chrome extension designed to help users control compulsive spending by offering a mindful approach that involves blocking access to identified e-commerce websites, suggesting healthier alternatives to shopping, and providing AI-driven support to manage emotions and spending habits.  

How does Twella work?

Users add their frequent e-commerce sites to Twella. If they attempt to access these sites, Twella blocks the access and suggests alternative activities like taking a walk or breathing exercises to help manage the urge to spend.

What kind of support does Twella offer?

Twella includes a Personal AI Mentor that helps users understand their spending behaviors and emotions, providing personalized insights and recommendations.

How can I get started with Twella?

You can start using Twella by installing the Chrome extension from our website.

Where can I find Twella’s terms and privacy policy?

Twella's terms and conditions and privacy policy are accessible directly from the website.

Do I have to pay to use Twella?

Twella offers a free version that includes all core functionalities, such as website blocking and alternative activity suggestions, allowing you to effectively manage your spending habits. The Personal AI Mentor, which provides additional support and personalized insights, is available in the paid version of the extension.

What does the AI Mentor in Twella do?

The AI Mentor in Twella is designed to enhance your journey towards mindful spending. It offers personalized guidance and emotional support to help you understand and manage your spending behaviors. By analyzing your habits and triggers, the AI Mentor provides tailored insights and recommendations, making it easier for you to make conscious choices about your spending and develop healthier financial habits.

How do I install the Twella Chrome extension?
  1. Visit the Website: Go to Twella.io and navigate to the section dedicated to the Chrome extension.
  2. Download the Extension: Click on the link or button labeled "Get the Chrome Extension" or similar wording.
  3. Add to Chrome: You will be redirected to the Chrome Web Store. Here, click on "Add to Chrome" to begin the installation.
  4. Confirm Installation: A pop-up will appear asking for permissions. Review the permissions and click "Add Extension" to proceed.
  5. Set Up: Once installed, the Twella icon will appear in your browser toolbar. Click on it to set up your preferences and start using the extension.

Is Twella compatible with all browsers?

Currently, Twella is only available as a Chrome extension for desktop browsers. However, we are actively working to expand its availability to other browsers and mobile devices. This will enable a wider range of users to benefit from Twella's features across different platforms in the near future. Keep an eye on our updates for when these versions become available.

How can I customize the list of blocked sites on Twella?

You can easily customize your list of blocked sites using the Twella admin portal. Simply log in to your account where you can add or remove any website you want to manage. This feature allows you to tailor Twella’s functionality to suit your specific needs and preferences, whether by adding new sites to block or removing sites you no longer wish to restrict.

What alternative activities does Twella offer when a site is blocked?

When Twella blocks a site, it suggests several alternative activities to help manage your spending impulses:

  1. Meditate for one minute: A quick meditation session to help clear your mind.
  2. Take a walk: Encourages physical activity as a distraction.
  3. Unblock for 10 minutes: Allows temporary access to the site for a brief period.
  4. Unblock the site completely: If you decide it's necessary, you can remove the site from your blocked list.

In the paid version, you also gain access to the AI Mentor, which can provide further personalized suggestions and support.

What data does Twella collect?

Twella collects only essential information to enhance its functionality and user experience. We store your email address, the number of times a site is blocked or accessed, and which alternative activities you choose, such as meditation or taking a walk. Additionally, for users with the paid version, we track interactions with the AI Mentor. This data helps us improve our services and provide you with more tailored support.